Seven Waves Cafe was playing some songs in the background when we got there. The songs were:

1. Panda Bear “You Can Count On Me”
From Panda Bear’s album “Tomboy”.
You can buy the album here:


2. Angels – The xx
From the album “Coexist”
Buy the new album Coexist:

Come and watch what’s a typical day like in the life of a chubby and simple Filipina housewife, owner of 12 parrots, 3 lovebirds, 10 guinea pigs, 9 cats and two red-eared sliders, married to a foreigner, living in a small town called Hinigaran.

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Intro and Outro song by Nicole Vaughn; song written by Tim Myers: “Sha Ba Da Dum” (also an official theme song in NBC’s ‘The Mysteries of Laura’).